Early-bird registration for SRI2021 is now open. SRI2021 will be a hybrid event, with a diverse and innovative online program alongside onsite participation. SRI2021 will take place June 12-15, 2021 with activities, networking, training and more both prior and following the event.

As the largest hybrid Congress in sustainability, SRI2021 registrants have the opportunity to connect with each other across time zones and across the topics defining sustainability worldwide.

All registrants will access content and opportunities to connect prior, during and after SRI2021, making the Congress the foremost home of sustainability research, innovation and practice.

Pre-congress offerings include SRI Talks, trainings and other engagements. During SRI2021, both onsite and online registrants have a unique opportunity to build relationships, share knowledge, expertise and experience, and find their next partner on our innovative virtual platform. Keep the conversations going and revisit sessions on the virtual platform in the days and months that follow SRI2021.


SRI Talks
Join a high-level conversation with some of the world’s leading sustainability experts. SRI Talks have been designed to promote fresh insights into emerging sustainability issues, facilitate transdisciplinary and trans-sectoral dialogue and initiate new actionable ideas and alliances. Each of the four events, one on each SRI2021 theme, will consist of three short talks, followed by a facilitated group discussion and a live Q&A on the SRI2021 virtual Congress platform. The talks will be recorded and a second live Q&A session will be organized the following day in a different timezone.

Tentative Schedule for SRI Talks in 2021:

  • February 17: Sustainability for whom?
  • March 17:  Sustainable solutions from the Global South
  • April 22: Advocating knowledge-to-action
  • May 22: Integrated action for the SDGs

More information available soon.


The onsite Congress will take place in Brisbane, Australia, at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC).

Onsite attendees get access to the best of both worlds, having the opportunity to network, exchange knowledge and expertise and build partnerships across sectors and disciplines both face-to-face and on the virtual platform. Onsite participants will have full access to all SRI2021 content prior, during and after the Congress through the platform. 


SRI2021 has reinvented virtual Congress participation by offering a rich and innovative online program, stretching across time zones and reaching beyond the Congress dates of June 12-15, 2021. By purchasing the SRI2021 Online Package, participants can access a number of exclusive events and services, starting as soon as February 2021. During the Congress in June, online sessions will be made available throughout the day and night, thanks to the global reach of SRI and partners. With the selection of our online Congress platform, we have also put particular emphasis on interactivity: as an SRI2021 online participant, you will be able to know who else is attending, connect and meet with other participants in real time – or whenever is convenient for you – and contribute to the discussions throughout the Congress.

Registration Rates ($ USD)





Regular onsite $400 $465 $135
Future Earth Member onsite $390 $455 $125
Student onsite $275 $295 $100
Low and middle income country onsite $320 $350 $115





Regular online $190 $240
Future Earth Member online $180 $230
Student online $50 $80
Low and middle income country online $100 $150

*Early-bird registration closes March 1, 2021.

For a low and middle income country classification, please refer to the DAC List of ODA Recipients.

We will refund the difference between onsite and online tickets until March 1, 2021 and after that in an extraordinary situation in which the participant, for external reasons such as border closures, is unable to attend onsite. Please contact the SRI Team at on the changes you wish to make.

Ticket Bundles

Support SRI2021 and gain a sponsorship status by purchasing a ticket bundle. We offer ticket bundles for both online and onsite tickets at a discounted price based on the number of tickets purchased, as outlined below:

  • 15-50 tickets, 10% discount
  • 50-100 tickets, 15% discount
  • 100+ tickets, 20% discount

Purchasing a ticket bundle is a great way to bring your community to SRI2021 with a discounted price, increase your institution’s visibility at the Congress and access SRI2021 sponsorship benefits.

Ticket bundles can be made up of multiple ticket types, such as onsite or online, and Sponsorship tier and benefits are determined by the total cost of the ticket bundle, according to SRI2021 Sponsorship tiers. For any questions about sponsorship and supporting SRI2021 through a ticket bundle purchase, please contact