Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2021

June 12-15, 2021

Online and onsite in Brisbane, Australia

The Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2021 (SRI2021) is the world’s first transdisciplinary gathering in sustainability – it will be a space of fierce advocacy for sustainability scholarship, innovation, collaboration and action.

This annual event unites global sustainability leaders, experts, industry and innovators to inspire action and promote a sustainability transformation. For the first time, the Congress will launch as a live virtual event with a diverse and innovative online program. In addition to the 100+ sessions available throughout the day and night, thanks to the global reach of SRI and partners, the SRI2021 Online Package includes exclusive events and services.

SRI is a joint initiative of Future Earth and the Belmont Forum. Australia, who hosts the Congress in 2021, has a unique role to play in the global community as a conduit between the Global North and the Global South, indigenous peoples and traditional sustainability practices. The local hosting consortium, led by Future Earth Australia and CSIRO, features academia and government partners from Brisbane and the State of Queensland to meet the breadth of the SRI2021 agenda.

Advancing sustainability research and innovation


Connecting diverse knowledge systems, academia with a range of stakeholders, policy makers with informed constituencies, funders across sectors, and innovators with clientele.


Creating robust communities of practice, supporting cross-sectoral funder dialogue and action, and connecting local implementation with global frameworks.


Building capacity in understanding, co-developing and co-implementing sustainable solutions, supporting legacy learning, exploring novel communications approaches and enhancing transparency through open data and open access.


Sharing lessons learned and best practices, building understanding and synthesizing knowledge of sustainability, co-developing metrics for evaluation of sustainable development and investment, demonstrating innovative solutions to achieve the SDGs, publishing in diverse accessible media outlets for maximum uptake and dissemination.


SRI Talks: Dialogues on the Future of Sustainability

SRI Talk: Integrated Action for the SDGs

SRI Talk: Integrated Action for the SDGs

May 21, 9 am Brisbane time
Sign up for the next free live virtual event in the popular SRI Talks series as our high-level expert panel will discuss pathways to societal transformation, mapping actors, and evaluating synergies, trade-offs and risks.

SRI Talks is a series of live streamed events created to provide participants with engaging interactions with experts, policy makers, actors and innovators shaping the future of sustainability.

These high-level conversations are based on the SRI2021 Congress Pillars and bring together foremost thinkers and leaders across various fields and sectors critical for sustainability transitions.

Panellists will engage in forward-looking discussions about the major strategic issues, opportunities, threats, trends and actions that the system of people and institutions must address to enable sustainable development.

These 90-minute SRI Talks will be broadcast live through the SRI2021 virtual platform and will include a moderated discussion and live audience Q&A.This series is free to attend for all registered particpants of SRI2021.


The Transformations Conference 2021: Enabling Positive Tipping Points, is a satellie event of SRI2021, and  will be organized as an online conference from June 17-18, 2021. Transformations 2021 is the fifth edition of an international conference series bringing together a broad community of researchers and change-makers working on societal transformations. The online conference will showcase the latest developments in research and practice of transformations towards sustainability, as well as support and celebrate transdisciplinary learning networks for new collective international initiatives. Live co-creative sessions and keynotes will occur at different timezones providing the opportunity to participants worldwide to join the sessions live. The focus is to work collaboratively on a synthesis on action-oriented knowledge in the light of the global pandemic.