Times are based on AEST (Brisbane).  Morning sessions are convenient for participants in the Americas while evening sessions are convenient for Europe and Africa.  Afternoon sessions are onsite and livestreamed.

Session NameOrganizerFormatOnline Session
The Sustainability Action Platform: Developing a Global Exchange for Accelerating Local TransitionsJenna LamphereOnlineMorning
The 2030 targets and beyond supporting local health systems dealing with climate changeIlan KelmanOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Response, Recovery & Resilience – The Role of Impact Driven Universities in Natural Disaster ManagementEleanor RobsonOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
How do UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves increase biodiversity and resilience to climate change?Martha Marie VogelOnlineEvening
Boots on the Ground: Incorporating local and indigenous knowledge in discovery scienceJudit UngvariOnlineEvening
Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP) – Visualizing data to build climate resilienceAmanda ShoresOnlineEvening
Risks associated with environmental change in the Mediterranean BasinWolfgang CramerOnlineEvening
Integrated approaches to sustainability – Insights into three participative scenarios on biodiversity, land, and water in FranceSandrine PaillardOnlineEvening
Understanding Systemic Risks: Perspectives from a Knowledge Action NetworkJana SillmannOnlineEvening
Creating the World We Want: Case Studies in Environmental EducationMelissa TaggartOnlineMorning
Implementation of Global Environmental Commitments: Lessons from the Global SouthMaria IvanovaOnlineEvening
Collaboration for Sustainability in the Digital AgeNilufar Sabet-KassoufOnlineEvening
Geography: shaping Australia’s resilient futureGRACIELA METTERNICHTOnlineMorning
Addressing systemic risks in social-ecological systems: mountains as contexts for evidence and actionCarolina AdlerOnlineEvening
Stakeholder Engagement to Re-Energize Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience (DR3) for Advanced Data ProcessesElizabeth Christenson-DiverOnlineMorning
My Climate RiskRegina RodriguesOnlineEvening
Facing shocks: Sustainable strategies from Western and Central AfricaLaurent VidalOnlineEvening
Co-designing our future: Future Earth Australia’s transdisciplinary model for agenda-setting for sustainabilityTayanah O'DonnellOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Will a Sustainability Transition Be Sufficient?Maurie CohenOnlineEvening
Climate Change profound impact on mental healthChadia WannousOnlineMorning
Risk and resilience: from gender inequality to female leadershipElisabeth GilmoreOnlineEvening
Addressing climate change at regional level: the French IPCC-like science-policy interfacesYohana CabaretOnlineEvening
Futureproofing environmental pedagogy: emotional resilience, mental health and action in the climate emergencyTania LeimbachOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
SDG Labs – Biodiversity-Solutions For ChangeMARCIN PAWEL JARZEBSKIOnlineEvening
The Changing Face of Wildfires and Effects on Human HealthHannah LiddyOnlineMorning
Advanced solutions for wildlife management in developing nationsGrant HamiltonOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Promoting success for sustainability research in the Oceania regionIain GordonOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Building climate resilience: key findings from the Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA)Bruce Currie-AlderOnlineEvening
Tackling Air Quality and Human Health with New Thinking and TechnologiesSC Candice LungOnlineEvening
Past global changes as indicators for future changes and strategies for sustainability.Marie-France LoutreOnlineEvening
Seaweed Aquaculture: Greening Australia’s Blue GrowthScott SpilliasOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
New technologies for sustainable food, water and energy: opportunities, limitations and risksJennifer YarnoldOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Early Career Researchers and Practitioners Workshop: Policy Impact and Sustainability: Policy Impact and SustainabilityTaryn LaubensteinOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Working with narratives for transformationChris RiedyOnlineEvening
Sustainable Transformations, Can Asia Lead the Way?Ria LambinoOnlineMorning
Workshop for Belmont Forum CRA: Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience (DR3)Yue-Gau ChenOnlineEvening
Engaging stakeholders to protect vulnerable areas against climate changeBenjamin SultanOnlineEvening
Respectful Science: Transitioning towards a respectful custodianship of our oceans and coastsAnja ScheffersOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Green finance: overcoming capital cost barriers to low-carbon energy projects through public-private partnershipsGraham AshfordOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
The Future of Feeding People SafelyFumiko KasugaOnlineEvening
Colloid and Interface Science for Sustainable Innovation and Industrial TransformationKazue KuriharaOnlineEvening
Culture change towards transformation: linking practising arts and performance, humanities and scienceMark Stafford-SmithOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
the Way – the Water – the Walk… a river system simulator: communicating through community engagement, interactive art, and public participationJude AndersonOnlineEvening
Solutions for sustainability of investments and capabilities to best manage natural assetsAlison SpechtOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Innovate4Cities: “Generating the knowledge that cities need at the speed and scale required”Cathy OkeOnlineEvening
A dialogue forum for learning from previous experiences of the stakeholders: what are our urgent missions on disaster risk reduction and societal resilience building?Yue-Gau ChenOnlineEvening
North -South Participation Through Engaging Communities for implantation of Sustainable Development Goals Harnessing Science, Research and InnovationKalpana ChaudhariOnlineEvening
Future Oceans – Bridging Sustainability priorities for Early Career ProfessionalsKirsten RowellOnlineMorning
Enhancing democratic participation and human rights at the SDG crossroad of food, health, gender and wellbeing: Civil society mapping for integrated action on the SDGs in Australia and CanadaKiah SmithOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Current Situation and the Prospect of SDGs in ChinaDahe QinOnlineEvening
The (Sustainable) Future is Female: Advancing Gender Equality in Sustainability Leadership.Eleanor RobsonOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Understanding Systemic Risks: Perspectives from a Knowledge Action NetworkSamantha Kies-RyanOnlineMorning
Sustainable Solutions and Responsible Innovation in Indigenous Australian livelihoodsMarcus BarberOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Earth Commission – Synthesizing Science to Underpin Science-Based Targets for our Global CommonsSteven LadeOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Lights, action, transformation? Action learning for transformational step changesSimon DivechaOnlineEvening
From design to end-of-life: Fashion and the sustainable development goalsMonique RetamalOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Just Transitions: Mapping the Political Economy of Pathways to Net-ZeroFrans BerkhoutOnlineEvening
The Regional Dimension of Future Earth and its Role for a Sustainable WorldThabo DikgaleOnlineEvening
Breaking Down Data Silos to Provide Trusted and Timely Data for a Sustainable FutureEmily NilsonOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Enacting serious game co-design as an exploratory space for sustainability transformationsNeil PowellOnlineEvening
The Atmosphere – the “forgotten” domain in the Sustainable Development Goals?Melita KeywoodOnlineEvening
The apparent mismatch between science and policy at the air-sea interfaceErik van DoornOnlineEvening
Integrativity in complexity: knowledge co-creation at the food-water-energy nexusPia LaborgneOnlineEvening
Pathways for Upscaling Shared Mobilities Coupled with Disruptive Technologies: Potential impacts on land useBarbara RibeiroOnlineMorning
The entanglements of efficiency: Lessons for sustainable water managementNadja KunzOnlineMorning
Building Asia-Pacific Regional Hub for Social-Ecological Health: Visioneering the Doughnut TrilemmaJoon KimOnlineMorning
Exploring dominant and regenerative narratives and the worldviews they reflectChris RiedyOnlineEvening
Indigenous Data Sovereignty – principles, partnerships and tools for sustainabilityStephanie von GavelOnlineMorning
Unlocking the value of water through digital transformationAnik BhaduriOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Blended approaches to sustainable futures dialogue in the PacificRay MaherOnlineMorning
Confronting the Adaptation Finance Gap: A Systems ApproachGenevieve MortimerOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Sustainability of biodiversity conservation: too expensive for humans or can we find solutions?Alison SpechtOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Living with Dignity and Disability in a Sustainable WorldKelsey ChapmanOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Developing an industrial ecology marketplace for plastic wasteJudith HerbstOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
“Trans-disciplinary Knowledge to Action Initiatives on Marginal Seas of South and East Asia”Rhodora AzanzaOnlineMorning
Air Pollution and Sustainable and Resilient Food ProductionLisa EmbersonOnlineEvening
Making Data Work for Cross Domain, Transdisciplinary Research and Action on SDGsSimon HodsonOnlineMorning
The role of biodiversity for transformative change towards sustainable developmentMarkus FischerOnlineEvening
Science-based Pathways for Sustainability: Towards a Community of PracticeCristian PassarelloOnlineEvening
Socialising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Enhanced Awareness and Effective Implementation: Opportunities and ConstraintsFelix Kwabena DonkorOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
University transformations for transdisciplinarity and the SDGsTobias BuserOnlineEvening
Risk Informed Planning for SustainabilityJanki AndhariaOnlineEvening
Narratives, Identities, and Visions for Sustainable FuturesIlan ChabayOnlineMorning
Scientific capacity-building for water security through research partnershipMahsa MotlaghOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Financing SustainabilityGunars PlataisOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
How can the global change science community deliver knowledge for transformations that aligns with the GSDR entry points?Ariane de BremondOnlineEvening
10 Myths and Realities about land systemsAriane de BremondOnlineEvening
21st Century Sustainability Research and Innovation for the Minerals SectorClaire CoteOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Establishment of Regional Training Center for Nurses, Midwives and Clinical Officers in the African Greater Lakes RegionAmos Ronald KalukusuOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Ocean Knowledge-Action Network: Overview, Activities, and Engagement for Sustainability and Research InnovationAnna ZivianOnlineEvening
Collaborating for Sustainable Futures: Advances in Research Co-designSara BiceOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Showing leadership in sustainability science: Lessons from the Global South and beyond the academySarah MooreOnlineEvening
Critical social science perspectives on transformations to sustainability – emerging framings and approachesSarah MooreOnlineEvening
Advances in Earth Observation for Biodiversity and Ecosystem MonitoringCornelia KrugOnsite+OnlineAfternoon
Supporting the Ambition to Sustainability through Funders PerspectiveVeera MitznerOnlineMorning
Bridging Local Policy and Community for Sustainable TransformationsAmanda ShoresOnlineMorning
Scientists in Exile: A meta-view of the impact of ongoing uncertainty and risks for scientists and the production of scienceVivi StavrouOnlineEvening
Envisioning plausible future towards ecological-cultural sustainability: A new perspective of “Fudo” theory in the age when humanity and computer can harmoniously co-existTerukazu KumazawaOnlineEvening
Engaging in the Challenges of Transdisciplinary Research on SustainabilitiesFred SaundersOnlineEvening
FEW not Fuel: designing biodiversity, food, energy and water systems in the Ogmore regional landscapeRob RoggemaOnlineEvening
Building Resilience through Youth Leadership in Environmental EducationNina HamiltonOnlineMorning
Trade-offs and Synergies in Ocean Conflict TransformationMarion GlaserOnlineEvening
The Future Earth Knowledge-Action Network on Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production: Preparing for a Post-COVID-19 FutureMaurie CohenOnlineMorning
Stakeholder Collaboration for Sustainable Smart Cities: Maximizing the Potential of Data-Driven Innovation While Minimizing Risks to CommunitiesMasaru YarimeOnlineEvening
Air Quality and Human HealthTong ZhuOnlineEvening
Knowledge exchange for sustainability focused transdisciplinary research, co-design, and implementation scienceJosh TewksburyOnlineMorning