Below are a list of confirmed sessions for SRI2021. Interested in contributing to the SRI 2021 program? There is currently an open call for session proposals, closing December 15.

CategorySession NameOrganizerFormat
ForaBuilding climate resilience: key findings from the Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA)Currie-Alder, BruceIn-person
Alternative DesignThe entanglements of efficiency: Lessons for sustainable water managementKunz, NadjaIn-person
Workshop / TrainingUNESCO CHAIR on Integrated Water Resources ManagementGAONA, JOSE ALBERTOOnline
Workshop / TrainingBreaking Down Data Silos to Provide Trusted and Timely Data for a Sustainable FutureNilson, EmilyIn-person
ForaFuture Oceans - Bridging Sustainability priorities for Early Career ProfessionalsRowell, KirstenOnline
Alternative DesignOcean Knowledge-Action Network: Overview, Activities, and Engagement for Sustainability and Research InnovationZivian, AnnaOnline
ForaAn Inter-Regional Learning Forum: Transdisciplinary Approaches and Community Engagement – Examples and Case Studies from the SouthEhlers, SusannaIn-person
Alternative DesignArt & Climate Change – Join climate change artist in an immersive and collaborative art creation experiencePang, EstherIn-person
Alternative DesignFinancing SustainabilityPlatais, GunarsIn-person
Alternative DesignKnowledge exchange for sustainability focused transdisciplinary research, co-design, and implementation scienceTewksbury, JoshOnline
ForaThe Changing Face of Wildfires and Effects on Human HealthLiddy, HannahOnline
Alternative DesignSustainable mining for future economiesLennox, GregIn-person
Workshop / TrainingLights, action, transformation? Action learning for transformational step changesDivecha, SimonIn-person
ForaThe (Sustainable) Future is Female: Advancing Gender Equality in Sustainability Leadership.Robson, EleanorIn-person
ForaAdvanced solutions for wildlife management in developing nationsHamilton, GrantIn-person
ForaThe Atmosphere - the “forgotten” domain in the Sustainable Development Goals?Keywood, MelitaIn-person
ForaMulti-dimensional approaches to sustainable practice in the Australian fashion industryRoberts, KatieIn-person
ForaNew technologies for sustainable food, water and energy: opportunities, limitations and risksYarnold, JenniferIn-person
ForaTransitioning towards a respectful custodianship of our oceans and coasts and the Nitty-Gritty of coastal governanceScheffers, AnjaIn-person
ForaGreen finance: overcoming capital cost barriers to low-carbon energy projects through public-private partnershipsAshford, GrahamIn-person
ForaEnhancing democratic participation and human rights at the SDG crossroad of food, health, gender and wellbeing: Civil society mapping for integrated action on the SDGs in Australia, Canada and GermanySmith, KiahIn-person
ForaFrom Grassroots to Global: The role of Learned Academies and Decadal Plans for Science in strategic and long-term planning for Sustainability Research and InnovationPritchard, NancyIn-person
ForaUnderstanding and interweaving kastom and cultural knowledge in community-based natural resource management and climate change in the Solomon IslandsKies-Ryan, SamanthaIn-person
ForaSustainable Solutions and Responsible Innovation in Indigenous Australian livelihoodsBarber, MarcusIn-person
ForaSustainable fashion up and down the supply chain: interpretations and implications in the Global South and Global NorthRetamal, MoniqueIn-person
ForaUnlocking the value of water through digital transformationBhaduri, AnikIn-person
ForaLiving with Dignity and Disability in a Sustainable WorldChapman, KelseyIn-person
ForaMaking climate action happen in AustraliaTurney, ChrisIn-person
ForaSorting fact from fiction: science-policy and science politics in an age of misinformationPhan, JanaIn-person
Workshop / TrainingECRP workshop: Policy Impact and SustainabilityRobson, EleanorIn-person
Workshop / TrainingPromoting success for sustainability research in the Oceania regionGordon, IainIn-person
Workshop / TrainingSeaweed Aquaculture: Greening Australia’s Blue GrowthSpillias, ScottIn-person
Workshop / TrainingWorking with narratives for transformationRiedy, ChrisIn-person
Workshop / TrainingInnovate4Cities: “Generating the knowledge that cities need at the speed and scale required”Oke, CathyIn-person
Popcorn SessionDeveloping an industrial ecology marketplace for plastic wasteHerbst, JudithIn-person
Alternative DesignCulture change towards transformation: linking practising arts and performance, humanities and scienceStafford-Smith, MarkIn-person
Alternative Designthe way-the water-the walkAnderson, JudeIn-person
Alternative DesignSolutions for sustainability of investments and capabilities to best manage natural assetsSpecht, AlisonIn-person
Alternative DesignGovernance of transitions: is a move to a ‘climate emergency’ a useful lever in advancing the 6 transitions to the SDG’s?O'Connell, DeborahIn-person
Alternative DesignIn search of leverage: deploying capital to create transformative changeLee, ChristopherIn-person
Alternative DesignSustainability through, in, and of the performing artsPower, KateIn-person
MarketplaceSustainability of biodiversity conservation: too expensive for humans or can we find solutions?Specht, AlisonIn-person
ForaManagement of lands and oceans in the face of ecosystem collapseCanadell, PepOnline
ForaGeoengineering: Oppotunities, Risks and ChallengesLenton, AndrewOnline
Fora21st Century Sustainability Research and Innovation for the Minerals SectorCote, ClaireOnline
Workshop / TrainingIndigenous Data Sovereignty - principles, partnerships and tools for sustainabilityvon Gavel, StephanieOnline
Popcorn SessionTransforming the Higher Education System to Accelerate SDG ImplementationKestin, TahlOnline
Alternative DesignExperiencing dominant and generative narratives and the worldview they reflectSebastian, IsabelOnline
Alternative DesignCollaborating for Sustainable Futures: Advances in Research Co-designBice, SaraOnline
Alternative DesignBlended approaches to sustainable futures dialogue in the PacificMaher, RayIn-person
Workshop / TrainingRisk Informed Planning for SustainabilityAndharia, JankiIn-person
Popcorn SessionNorth -South Participation Through Engaging Communities for implantation of Sustainable Development Goals Harnessing Science, Research and InnovationChaudhari, KalpanaIn-person
ForaMigration, Global Environmental Change, and the Restructuring of Social InequalityMichael, KavyaOnline
Popcorn SessionHimalayan Adaptation Water and Resilience Research (HIAWARE)Bhadwal, SuruchiOnline
ForaColloid and Interface Science for Sustainable Innovation and Industrial TransformationKurihara, KazueIn-person
ForaThe Future of Feeding People SafelyKasuga, FumikoOnline
Alternative DesignSDG Labs - Biodiversity-Solutions For ChangeJARZEBSKI, MARCIN PAWELOnline
Alternative DesignPathways for Upscaling Shared Mobilities Coupled with Disruptive Technologies: Potential impacts on land useRibeiro, BarbaraOnline
MarketplaceTackle Air Quality and Human Health with New Thinking and TechnologiesLung, SC CandiceIn-person
ForaA dialogue forum for learning from previous experiences of the stakeholders: what are our urgent missions on disaster risk reduction and societal resilience building?Chen, Yue-GauOnline
Workshop / TrainingKickoff workshop for Belmont Forum CRA: Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience (DR3)Chen, Yue-GauOnline
Alternative DesignBuilding Asia-Pacific Regional Hub for Social-Ecological Health: Visioneering the Doughnut TrilemmaKim, JoonOnline
ForaIdentification of clusters of technological innovations that can substantively contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and climate goals.Denis, MathieuOnline
ForaUnlocking the value of water through digital transformationKaushik, AdityaIn-person
ForaCurrent Situation and the Prospect of SDGs in ChinaTian, QingIn-person
ForaAir Quality and Human HealthZhu, TongIn-person
ForaNew Advances in Earth Observation for Supporting Normative Land System Science and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)Dong, JinweiOnline
ForaImagining better interconnected futures: integrating cross-scale interactions analysis in the design of sustainability pathways (tentative title)Passarello, Cristian Online
ForaStrategies for strengthening sustainability science and transdisciplinary research in the Global SouthChotte, Jean-LucIn-person
ForaAdvancing transdisciplinary research for sustainability: Critical reflections on the design of international, transdisciplinary research programmesMoore, SarahIn-person
Workshop / TrainingMaking Data Work for Cross Domain, Transdisciplinary Research and Action on SDGsHodson, SimonIn-person
ForaEngaging stakeholders to protect vulnerable areas against climate changeSultan, BenjaminOnline
Popcorn SessionCritical social science perspectives on transformations to sustainability – emerging framings and approachesMoore, SarahOnline
TownhallShowing leadership in sustainability science: Lessons from the Global South and beyond the academyMoore, SarahOnline
ForaResponsible Mining Activities –Towards a sustainable circular economyThibon, MaximeIn-person
Workshop / TrainingScientific capacity-building for water security through research partnershipMotlagh, MahsaIn-person
ForaThe apparent mismatch between science and policy at the air-sea interfacevan Doorn, ErikOnline
Popcorn SessionIntegrativity in complexity: knowledge co-creation at the food-water-energy nexusLaborgne, PiaOnline
ForaNarratives, Identities, and Visions for Sustainable FuturesChabay, IlanOnline
ForaGlobal perspectives and regional variations of Responsible Research and InnovationDalton, GordonOnline
Popcorn SessionAir Pollution and Sustainable and Resilient Food ProductionDentener, FrankOnline
ForaThe Regional Dimension of Future Earth and its Role for a Sustainable WorldDikgale, ThaboOnline
ForaSocialising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Enhanced Awareness and Effective Implementation: Opportunities and ConstraintsDonkor, Felix KwabenaOnline
ForaEarth Commission - Synthesizing Science to Underpin Science-Based Targets for our Global CommonsLade, StevenIn-person
Alternative DesignEnacting serious game system as an exploratory space for sustainability transformationPowell, NeilIn-person
Popcorn SessionTransformations to Sustainability through Transformations in Air Travel - Perspectives from ScienceJacobson, LisaOnline
ForaUniversity transformations for transdisciplinarity and the SDGsBuser, TobiasIn-person
ForaResilience Value of BiodiversityKrug, CorneliaIn-person
Popcorn SessionAdvances in Earth Observation for Biodiversity and Ecosystem MonitoringKrug, CorneliaIn-person
Fora10 Myths and Realities about land systemsde Bremond, ArianeOnline
Popcorn SessionPast global changes as indicators for future changes and strategies for sustainability.Loutre, Marie-FranceOnline
Popcorn SessionThe role of biodiversity for transformative change towards sustainable developmentPayne, DavnahOnline
Alternative DesignHow can the global change science community deliver knowledge for transformations that aligns with the GSDR entry points?de Bremond, ArianeOnline
Workshop / TrainingEstablishment of Regional Training Center for Nurses, Midwives and Clinical Officers in the African Greater Lakes RegionKalukusu, Amos RonaldIn-person
ForaWhat we’ve got here is failure to communicatePaterson, ShonaIn-person
Popcorn SessionPolicy interventions for air quality and climate changeEmberson, LIsaOnline
ForaJust Transitions: Mapping the Political Economy of Pathways to Net-ZeroBush, CharlieOnline
ForaShowcasing Future Earth/NRF/SWEDBIO SDG Lab Africa projectsTembo, EvansIn-person