Science-based Pathways for Sustainability: Towards a Community of Practice

Organizer: Cristian Passarello
Format: Online, Evening

Pathways is a Future Earth initiative that aims to promote transdisciplinary approaches that explore and advance pathways to sustainability via analysis of interactions among societal and environmental sustainable development goals. Further, the initiative aims to mobilize such knowledge towards the identification and strengthening of leverage points and ‘deadlocks’ and advance sustainability transformations. Activities developed since 2018 have shown the community’s interest in Pathways approaches, which calls for directing new activities towards the development of a Community of Practice (CoP). Building on lessons learned from the past and on-going activities and from the broader experience of the session’s participants, this session aims to present the initiative and its new activity plan, and collectively reflect on this plan and discuss best approaches to build a Pathways Community of Practice.

Themes: Integrated Action for the SDGs, Knowledge-to-Action