Engaging in the Challenges of Transdisciplinary Research on Sustainabilities

Organizer: Fred Saunders
Format: Online


This session aims to interact over research design, theorising and experiences of transdisciplinary research on sustainability and in doing so generate a rich set of insights into what it means to engage in this type of research – its difficulties and its potential. Engaging in transdisciplinary in research is seen as increasingly central to generating knowledge suited to addressing complex, fraught and uncertain sustainability problems facing the world. How to work effectively and productively in transdisciplinary mode to address sustainability problems is however is new to many researchers. There are numerous publications that describe transdisciplinary guidelines, principles and formulaic stepwise approaches, but arguably much of the learning for researchers (and societal partners) takes place ‘in the field’. The questions posed by how to do transdiscplinary research different forms in different projects and we hope that through the sharing and exchange of problems, perspectives, experiences we can all develop not only a deeper understandings of transdisciplinary challenges, but also how to engage in this type of research thoughtfully and productively. (Submitted on behalf of the CRA Oceans Global Coordination Group)

Theme: Beyond the 2030 global targets