Culture change towards transformation: linking practising arts and performance, humanities and science

Organizer: Mark Stafford-Smith
Format: Onsite-Online, Afternoon

The 6 major transition pathways for achieving the SDGs each contain major culture change challenges. There are many efforts around the world and in Australia to bring arts and science together to influence culture change towards sustainability; but these efforts remain fragmented, poorly resourced and often not targeted consistently towards the transformations suggested by the 6 pathways. Building on Future Earth Australia’s experience in developing decadal strategies (eg. 10-Year Strategy to enable Urban Systems Transformation, Dec 2019), this session will explore how a strategy could be developed to coordinate and resource the linking of the practising arts and performance, humanities and science towards the culture changes needed for the 6 transitions. The session will take Australia as a case study, but draw on the experiences of participants globally who have tried this elsewhere, or aim to trigger such approaches where they have not. The session will have two brief introductory talks, then take an interactive format with a small number of world café breakouts mixing in-person and virtual inputs from around the world, particularly in the Europe/Africa through the Middle East to the Asia-Pacific timezone, then a short concluding synthesis performance. Breakouts (topics to be finalised) will include how the arts can promote pro-environmental behaviour, how to know when the arts make a difference, the role of the arts as a sector in a zero (economic) growth economy, how to resource the arts to help transitions to sustainability, and how might all these issues differ in lower and higher income countries? We encourage input from the global South, and from both researcher and practitioner perspectives, and welcome participation from arts and performance contributors elsewhere in the conference. The goal is to consider a strategy process that could continue after the conference.

Themes: Integrated Action for the SDGs, Knowledge-to-Action, Sustainability for Who?