About SRI2021

The Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2021 (SRI2021) is the world’s first transdisciplinary gathering in sustainability – it will be a space of fierce advocacy for sustainability scholarship and innovation, collaboration and action. It is the first in an annual series that unites global leaders, experts, industry and innovators to inspire action and promote a transformation in sustainability. 

SRI2021 will be a unique opportunity for diverse audiences to connect with the global sustainability community, learn about the latest sustainability science, create novel networks and partnerships, explore new ideas, gain visibility, inspire and be inspired. 

SRI2021 will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Brisbane, Australia, from 12-15 June, 2021.

Brisbane was chosen as the host city for its unique mixture of world-class sustainability scholarship, green innovation, cross-sectoral engagement, and inclusive dialogue. Australia, who hosts the Congress in 2021, plays a unique role in the global community as a conduit between the Global North and the Global South, and indigenous peoples and traditional sustainability practices. 

The local hosting consortium features academia, government, and private sector partners from Brisbane and the State of Queensland to meet the breadth of the SRI2021 agenda. Its location, just a few hours from the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Dividing Range, and Queensland’s Outback, makes Brisbane a central point for exploring Australia’s unique and diverse ecosystems. 


Sustainable Solutions from the Global South

Flipping the script on sustainability, introducing perspectives and lessons from the Global South, finding partners in the Global North, and exploring the differences.

Integrated Action for the SDGs

Identifying pathways to societal transformation, mapping actors, and evaluating synergies, trade offs and risks.

Advocating Knowledge-to-Action

Advancing sustainability science through knowledge co-design.

Sustainability for Whom?

Encouraging diversity and inclusion to advance sustainability throughout generations.

SRI aims to:

  • Foster productive and solutions-oriented dialogue between disciplines and sectors.
  • Build a transdisciplinary science and innovation community, inclusive of all sectors and knowledge streams.
  • Share the latest research and knowledge and provide a dynamic venue for training, mentoring, valorization, and synthesis.
  • Foster green entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation.
  • Develop evidence-based plans and strategies together to advance sustainability pathways.
  • Provide an interactive space for sustainability funders to explore new partnership models.
  • Increase use of sustainability research through effective public communication, including youth messaging.
  • Legitimize sustainability as a career through the formation of a professional society.

For additional information, listen to the webinar recordings from September 18 and 19, 2019, where Erica Key, the Executive Director of Belmont Forum, and Josh Tewksbury, the Director of Future Earth USA, discuss SRI: